Achieving Successful MERLIN Deployment: The Role of a Dedicated Champion and Committed Management

We are thrilled to introduce you to the MERLIN Tempus platform, a powerful tool that can revolutionize your shop floor operations. To ensure a successful deployment, we have observed that having a dedicated champion selected from your ranks, along with unwavering support from management and all departments, is crucial. The champion will play a pivotal role in driving the implementation forward and achieving the desired outcomes. Below is an instructional guide on how to ensure a smooth and successful MERLIN deployment:

1. Pick and Enroll Machines:
– Create an ongoing multi-phase project plan to systematically select and enroll machines into MERLIN.
– Prioritize machines based on their criticality to value streams and operational efficiency.

2. Address Problematic Machines:
– Identify any problematic machines and create corrective action tickets for targeted improvements.
– Do not let issues curtail the overall deployment plan; address them in parallel with other activities.

3. Setup Views and Reports:
– Configure MERLIN to generate customized views and reports that align with the specific needs of your organization.
– Tailor the reports to provide actionable insights for different departments.

4. Introduce MERLIN to Everyone:
– Organize workshops and training sessions to familiarize all personnel with MERLIN, its features, and benefits.
– Ensure that employees understand how to utilize the platform to enhance their productivity.

5. Collaboration with Each Department:
– Work closely with each department to understand their objectives and requirements.
– Guide them through the process of selecting, enrolling, configuring, and generating data to meet their goals.

Specific Activities for Each Department:

a. Production:
– Generate throughput reports and delivery reports for performance analysis.
– Validate and update product standard cycle time, setup time, and material conveyance time in the ERP system.
– Establish data-driven strategies to manage human resources effectively.

b. Quality:
– Capture and analyze quality data, focusing on reject information and first piece run-off inspection tracking.
– Implement RED Tag QC disposition ticketing for efficient quality management.
– Institute traceability measures to monitor and enhance product quality.

c. Maintenance:
– Utilize runtime/cut time accumulators and triggers to inform maintenance teams proactively.
– Integrate E-alerts or email messaging for rapid response to maintenance needs.
– Incorporate scheduled maintenance tickets into the MERLIN job scheduler.

d. Engineering:
– Introduce Continuous Improvement (CI) tools, including GEMBA view, MPMM, Multi-machine State Summary View, Plant View, and Tooling View.
– Utilize ticketing for effective CI project management and issue resolution.
– Evaluate part-to-part time for identifying minor stoppages and implementing improvements.

The Vital Role of a MERLIN Champion:

Gentlemen, it cannot be emphasized enough that the success of the MERLIN deployment heavily relies on having a dedicated champion to drive the initiative forward. The champion will be instrumental in coordinating efforts, resolving challenges, and ensuring that the platform is seamlessly integrated into your daily operations. With a committed champion and management buy-in, you can create the necessary momentum to achieve outstanding results with MERLIN.

In conclusion, all the activities mentioned above are indeed doable and well within the scope of the MERLIN platform. We encourage you to select a champion from your ranks and garner support from all departments to embark on this transformative journey successfully.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to support you every step of the way.