Dick Morley joins Board of Directors of Memex Automation

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) and its sister company, IDC Technologies, heartily congratulate Dick Morley for joining Memex Automation’s Board of Directors. We have every confidence that he will be a fabulous asset to this board. We follow Dick’s work closely and we are proud to have him as a regular guest lecturer on our online programs.

Thank you to Memex Automation for this news release:

“There are a few inventors who are considered an equivalent to Edison or Einstein. Dick Morley, considered the father of the programmable logic controller (PLC), ABS brakes, the computer floppy disk, and author of about 30 other patents, is one such individual.

Winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (1990), and namesake of the Richard E. Morley Society of Manufacturing Engineers Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, Dick grew up on the streets of New York (Queens) before raising a family with Shirley, to whom he was married for 50 years.

An entrepreneur at heart, an accredited machinist and operator of most machine tools as well as a designer of some CNCs, Dick worked his way through university paying for half of his education working in the shop. Later, Dick’s MIT education and hands-on experience as an angel investor and member of the Breakfast Club enabled him to help finance and counsel more than 100 companies in the New England area.

When asked why he joined the team at Memex as a director of the company’s board, Dick said, “It’s about time that the CNC machines join the concept of SCADA, integration, and automation in an efficient manner. This team brings the tools, the technology, and the understanding to bring every manufacturing asset into the modern world. I like MERLIN because it is an ideal asset manager that is a technological leap forward, beyond PLCs, which enables machines to be compatible with IT systems. On a personal note, it sounds like fun — change the world, again!”

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